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Our Process

MBA Estate Sales works hard to make your life easier.  The best way to do this is by following our simple, painless

4-step process for estate sale success:


Step 1 - Choose an Estate Sale Company you can trust

  • MBA Estate Sales has built a reputation for excellence.  Your home and possessions will always be treated with care and respect

  • Our knowledgeable, trained staff will set about to make your sale a huge success

  • Choose a firm with many years of experience in providing valuations and expert research for unusual and high dollar items

  • Select a firm with a reputation for providing fast, superior results in an ethical, honest manner.  Beware of firms that are resellers themselves


Step 2 - Decide which items you are keeping

  • Before our team begins, take your time to decide which items you would like to keep.  These should be removed and safely stored so that no treasured heirloom is accidentally sold

  • Please don't dispose of any unwanted items.  You'd be surprised at what sells

  • During our initial consultation and walk-through, we will discuss items of significant value and together determine if certain items may be better off auctioned or sold online 

Step 3 - Relax while we set up and run the sale

  • Once a sale date has been selected, it generally works best for the home to be vacated.  This reduces stress on you and let's our team get to work

  • During the week prior, the team will begin pricing and staging your items in preparation for the sale.  We provide all the necessary equipment for set up including signage, pricing tags, cash register and credit card machine

  • On the day(s) of the sale, our team will handle everything.  There is no need for any family to be in the home during the sale, we have it all covered


Step 4 - Wrap up and completion

  • MBA Estate Sales will remove all of our equipment and signage after the final day of the sale 

  • Any remaining unsold items (unless otherwise agreed upon) will be packed up for donation to the charitable organization of your choice and you will be provided with a receipt for tax purposes

  • MBA Estate Sales will remove all trash and make sure the home is left broom-clean, unless other arrangements are agreed upon ahead of time

  • All earned proceeds from your sale, minus our agreed-upon fee, will be transferred to your bank within 5 business days of the end of the sale

  • Your sale is complete and your home is now ready for its new owners or Realtor!


MBA Estate Sales process has proven successful time after time.  We go the extra mile to make sure your sale is a success and brings in more money for your items.  Here are some of the ways our process is different from others:​

  • We coordinate with Home Owners Associations and work in harmony with any other location constraints to keep your neighbors happy

  • We work with Realtors, Probate Attorneys and other professionals, allowing you to wrap up the estate as quickly as possible

  • We do extensive online marketing prior to the sale and provide signage during the sale to generate as much interest and traffic as possible

  • We research and consult with appraisers and other experts on items of high value or interest to make sure you get top price

  • We have professional, trained staff on site to handle customer's questions and assist with loading items in vehicles

  • We utilize security cameras and other technology where needed to ensure the security of your home and possessions

  • We professionally stage your home to best highlight your items and encourage higher sales prices

  • We provide all necessary equipment and technology to run your sale including cash register, credit card machines and payment apps so that no sale falls through

  • We always carry current licenses and insurance to provide you with peace of mind when we are in your home

  • After the sale we handle boxing up and delivering all unsold items for donation and provide you with a receipt for your taxes

  • We leave your home broom clean at the end of the sale, ready for your home's new owners or Realtor

  • We quickly reconcile all finances so that you have your cash in hand within 5 business days of the conclusion of the sale

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A Process That Works For You

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