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We love our clients!

Testimonials from our happy, satisfied clients are the best! Here is one of our newest from Lynn and Jon in Kansas City, regarding their estate sale in Sanford, Florida:

"We worked with Mindy and her husband Matt for our estate sale in early September 2021. It was a pleasure to work with them, especially at this trying time in our lives. They were very easy with whom to work, in that they were reliable and on time in keeping appointments and were very supportive and understanding of our circumstances. They made it possible for us to stay in the home until right up to the sale time, saving us significant money in hotel costs.

Mindy and Matt were very respectful of our possessions and treated them with great care. They were hard working, trustworthy and knowledgeable about the market in our area. They had outstanding marketing and sales practices and were well connected to buyers for our special items. They clearly had access to buyers for high ticket items. Additionally, they presented some pre-sale options for known buyers and post-sale options through their resources.

Mindy runs a turn-key set-up, marketing, sales and clean up operation. On the day of the sale, they were well staffed and made sure our sale items were secure. Mindy offered a very competitive commission and sent us a check for our part of the sale quickly. I would give them a very high recommendation and would certainly hire them again in the future if needed."

Lynn and Jon Hedvik, Kansas City

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