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Tool Talk: Tools That Fetch TOP DOLLAR at Estate Sales

During an estate sale, certain items tend to sell very quickly. Tools can be a great example of this, as they appeal to everyone from collectors and hobbyists to homeowners and tradesmen. Many people make their living with rugged tools and estate sales have proven to be a great resource for woodworkers, mechanics and machinists. Quality, well maintained tools can last a lifetime and longer!

The best tools sell FAST! Tools in new or like-new condition don’t last long at an estate sale; it’s best for customers to get there early, especially if there’s a specific tool they need.

When it comes to selling tools at and estate sale, there are many variables to consider and quality matters – a lot! Professional grade wrench brands, like Snap-On, will fetch a higher price than Husky or modern Craftsman wrenches, which tend to be marketed toward occasional shade-tree mechanics.

Complete socket sets in their original cases may be more desirable to a potential buyer than a box of random pieces. Your Estate Sale managers will consider these nuances when pricing, in an effort get the most money for your tools and other items.

Power tools can be top sellers as well, particularly when they are high end brands known for superior performance in the construction industry. Professionals and savvy homeowners are on the lookout for deals on brands like DeWalt, Makita, and Festool. These power tools can be found on jobsites, in cabinet shops, and anywhere else woodworkers are applying their craft. Circular saws, routers, and drills are HOT items. When priced correctly, everybody comes out a winner!

Blades and drill bits are also in demand. Often, we find new saw blades, utility knife blades, and drill bits unused in their original packaging. Every craftsperson needs cutting tools and it’s hard to pass up like-new, sharp blades or drill bits at a good price. Just like wrenches and sockets, complete drill bit sets are more desirable than a box of random sizes and should be priced accordingly.

Let’s face it though, most of us have lots of “extra” tools lying around. They are the hammers, chisels, wrenches, or sockets that find their way to the bottom of the toolbox or drawer. Mismatched, perhaps a little rusty, lower quality tools or tools that simply have not been used in so long we’ve forgotten about them and bought new. Whatever the case, many tools that appear neglected still hold value to someone. When priced correctly and bundled together (“3-for-$5”) these tools can also draw interest! Tools of any grade are good sellers when priced appropriately for their brand and condition. It’s amazing how often someone says, “I’m so glad to have found this tool! I needed this exact wrench.”

Don’t underestimate the resell appeal of vintage tools either. Antiques collectors, interior decorators and hobbyists frequent Estate Sales and Garage Sales for picturesque and rare tools that are no longer manufactured. While resale value can vary greatly based on rarity – a good Estate Sale Company will research your tools to determine what price the current market will bear and price these tools accordingly. They may even recommend and facilitate utilizing an auction house or antiques fair to sell certain highly sought-after tools, in order to command top dollar.

MBA Estate Sales works hard to make sure all your tools are properly identified and priced. We want to get the most money for those tools so that we can put cash in your pocket FAST!

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