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Estate Sales: A Practical Solution

Whether you’re looking to eliminate clutter, downsize before a move, or handle the final affairs of a passed loved one, the thought of clearing out a home can feel overwhelming. There’s furniture, dishes, cookware, tools, appliances big and small, clothes, shoes, books and collectibles… The list goes on.

And there are memories.

You’ve started going through a few things, saving those family heirlooms you want to keep – war medals, some jewelry and the photo albums – but there are other things as well. A house full of everyday objects you simply don’t know how best to handle, especially given the time and effort it will take to go through room by room, closet by closet, and drawer by drawer.

The task seems overwhelming.

Not to worry. Our reputable Estate Sales professionals are here to help. We simplify the process for you, do all the hard work so you can concentrate on what’s important during a stressful time of transition. It’s our job to handle the everyday objects and help you identify those things which may be of greater importance and value to you and your family.

After our initial consultation and an agreement is in place, you’ve nothing left to worry about. We’ll handle identifying, cataloguing, pricing, labeling, and staging for the sale. On sale days we’ll make quick work of what was originally a monumental task! Our primary goal is to sell every item for you!

You’ll be glad knowing that cherished items were treated with respect, your memories preserved, and those everyday, practical items – along with the heavy lifting - were handled for you. A few days after we’ve wrapped up, money from the sale will be delivered to you and leftover items will have been donated to a good cause.

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